Divorcing Your Mortgage

Divorcing Your Mortgage
The Clash between Divorce, Real Estate & Mortgage Financing

“I have attended 2 presentations by Jody Bruns and have learned something new every time about how important it is to have a mortgage professional on the divorce team. Jody literally wrote the book on the intersection of mortgages and divorce. As soon as it is clear that the clients may be purchasing a new property, refinancing an existing residence or are unclear about why they want to do with the rental or marital residence, I refer them to a mortgage professional. ” Peggy Walker, Harris Law Firm

Does this sound familiar? “I was ordered to refinance our marital home after the divorce was final but I didn’t qualify because my income was from alimony and/or child support.”

Or this? “I was ordered to pay alimony but then I couldn’t qualify to purchase my own new home.”

If this sounds all too familiar, you need to download DIVORCING YOUR MORTGAGE and get a step up on what it truly takes to qualify for mortgage financing when divorce is involved.

Updated to reflect the impact of the 2018 Tax Reform Bill on Divorce, Real Estate & Mortgage Financing!

There are 3 areas significantly affected by the 2018 Tax Reform Bill:

  1. Qualifying for a new mortgage during and after divorce.
  2. The implication of how Ownership/Title is held on mortgage interest and capital gains taxes.
  3. Structuring the mortgage interest deduction on the marital home and the tax consequences involved.

Mortgage Professionals: You should not be working with divorcing clients if you haven’t read this book – No ifs, ands or buts about it!

Divorce Professionals: This book is a must read to set your divorcing clients up for success when it comes to the mortgage financing needs to refinance the marital home or purchase a new home in the future.

Divorcing Homeowners: Mortgage financing is not black and white and in divorce there are more than 100 Shades of Grey! This book will help you answer many of the questions you have about how to handle your mortgage during divorce as well as what you need to do to qualify for a mortgage after the divorce is final.

I wrote this book to help divorcing couples have a better understanding of the implications divorce can play on real estate and mortgage financing. Not only how to divide the marital home, but how to avoid tax implications, avoid potential capital gains and make future mortgage financing possible.

If you need to refinance or sell the marital home or simply want to buy a new home after the divorce, don’t set yourself up to fail by not understanding what it will take to make it happen. Simply not having the correct verbiage in the marital settlement agreement can affect mortgage financing.

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Author: Divorce Lending Association

Divorce Lending Association

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